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Molecular Biophysics and Engineering Lab
The University of Mississippi

The Reinemann Lab is grateful for past and current funding from the following sources:

National Institutes of Health

NIGMS R35 ESI MIRA Award (R35GM147050)


National Science Foundation






National Science Foundation REU Site: Ole Miss Nanoengineering Summer REU Program (EEC 2148764)


American Heart Association

AHA Career Development Award (848586)


University of Mississippi






UM Summer Undergraduate Research Group Grant

UM Start-Up Funds


Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College




Honors Thesis Student Grants


NASA Mississippi Space Grant Consortium






Mississippi Space Grant Consortium Grant for NASA-Related Research NNX15AH78H


American Chemical Society 






American Chemical Society Innovative Project Grant


Prior to appointment at UM:






National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (1445197)






Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship